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luurrving me new avviee !

have to say a big thanks to [info]teatree_icons for the wunderful icon which was just what i was looking for! i'll be getting a laptop as soon as my mum's compensation for her accident comes though, whether you think that's bad or not. xDD she's fine now anyway, they took full responsiblity and everything. so i will be getting about £350 too. i'm getting a laptop and a new phone and maybe some books. i am getting an external hardrive too so i can stick music and films on there and one of those mini mouses and my dad has a spare carry case for a laptop and since he is a pc technician he can make it a lot better than it already is when i buy it anyway and get rid of vista which is full of bugs, apparently.

i think i'm overdoing this whole lj thing a little though. i've had a journal for, like, a day if that and i already have three entries. how bad is that? lol. i'm taking part in this challenge in april on script frenzy. i can't believe i didn't know that place existed. you guys have to go on there. the link is...


sorrry for the lateness !

i know i promised to post yesterday but i got to quarter to four and my eyes started to actually physically hurt and i had to sleep. so, i'm here now. got back to my nans. english book is no where to be found atm. easter homework still not done since i can't find it. nightmare. i don't have photoshop either cos i had to bring my pc from my mums since my other one is broke. should be fixed by next week though courtesy of my step dad, a computer technician and his gang of helpers at his work. xDD

with luck anyways. so, i kicked off yesterday anyway. i found out there's this thing called the tardis big bang which is basically you writing a totally massive long dr who, torchwood, sarah jane or whatever fanfiction but it's gotta be over 20000 words and i found out about it when the first draft of 20000 words was due so there was no way i could do it. i signed up as a cheerleader though, so feel free to contact me if you want me to cheerlead for you on there! =]

i will have a batch of icons up for you on friday night, including some of the eve myles shoot i posted in my last entry. i need to get more friends on here, since i am writing this pretty much for the sake of it since no one is reading but i am still settling into the lj thing and how things work around here so bear with me. =]

this is my lj !

this is my first post here on livejournal. i've signed up here before but never really posted. =] i've got some really cool pics of eve myles if anyone is intrested? so i will post them anyway, whether you like it or not. fandom_me are awesome! so yeah, pics are here and they are so nice! i've traced a few of them and plan on sketching them out tommorow. i had to trace some of it in eyepencil which was funny. plus i had to trace it from the pc screen since my printer is fcked up.

i go back to my nans tommorow which is complete sht cos i go back to school and i haven't done my english homework that i was supposed to do over easter. great. i wish i could transfer to hogwarts like my lovely iconnnn. =]] so yeah, jack/gwen shippers comment here then add me. also, torchwood fans, fanficers and writers and such. so, yeah. =]] might be more coming from me later tonight. or this morning, considering it's 2:27am and i am not the tiniest bit tired.


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