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luurrving me new avviee !

have to say a big thanks to [info]teatree_icons for the wunderful icon which was just what i was looking for! i'll be getting a laptop as soon as my mum's compensation for her accident comes though, whether you think that's bad or not. xDD she's fine now anyway, they took full responsiblity and everything. so i will be getting about £350 too. i'm getting a laptop and a new phone and maybe some books. i am getting an external hardrive too so i can stick music and films on there and one of those mini mouses and my dad has a spare carry case for a laptop and since he is a pc technician he can make it a lot better than it already is when i buy it anyway and get rid of vista which is full of bugs, apparently.

i think i'm overdoing this whole lj thing a little though. i've had a journal for, like, a day if that and i already have three entries. how bad is that? lol. i'm taking part in this challenge in april on script frenzy. i can't believe i didn't know that place existed. you guys have to go on there. the link is...
http://www.scriptfrenzy.org you have to write a 100 page script during the month of april and i think it's a really good and fun challenge despite the fact that i might be doing my english sats a year early, the week or something after the end of the contest. owch. lol. it only really hit me the other day how much my gcses will affect me and how i could not pass something and my whole future is messed up. lovely thought, huh? sheesh, this school system needs work. the time of your life when your kind of at your worst and you have to make the biggest decisions of your life. sheesh. also, notice the three different emotions so far in three different posts. lololol. =]]


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