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sorrry for the lateness !

i know i promised to post yesterday but i got to quarter to four and my eyes started to actually physically hurt and i had to sleep. so, i'm here now. got back to my nans. english book is no where to be found atm. easter homework still not done since i can't find it. nightmare. i don't have photoshop either cos i had to bring my pc from my mums since my other one is broke. should be fixed by next week though courtesy of my step dad, a computer technician and his gang of helpers at his work. xDD

with luck anyways. so, i kicked off yesterday anyway. i found out there's this thing called the tardis big bang which is basically you writing a totally massive long dr who, torchwood, sarah jane or whatever fanfiction but it's gotta be over 20000 words and i found out about it when the first draft of 20000 words was due so there was no way i could do it. i signed up as a cheerleader though, so feel free to contact me if you want me to cheerlead for you on there! =]

i will have a batch of icons up for you on friday night, including some of the eve myles shoot i posted in my last entry. i need to get more friends on here, since i am writing this pretty much for the sake of it since no one is reading but i am still settling into the lj thing and how things work around here so bear with me. =]

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