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G3MMA's journal

my name is gemma. i am thirteen years old. i love music, photography, sketching, writing and reading. i am a huge fan of torchwood and a ship jack/gwen. don't like it? i don't want to know. i have no problem with people who ship jack/ianto or any other jack or gwen ship so please don't complain to me about it. thank you.

on dr who i ship rose/doctor and i also have a bit of a mix between owen/tosh and owen/martha. ianto/lisa is my only ianto ship since i don't really like his charrie. i really like the actress sheridan smith, as well as the rest of the cast on two pints of larger and a packet of crisps. brilliant show! i worship susan nickson!

i would like to be a midwife or something to do with writing such as journalism, writing a television series or being an author. i LOVE dr pepper and chocolate. i have zilch confidence and hate acting and stuff.